The Cinnamon Workflow Management System provides enhanced features to help monitor the flow of work orders within the organization. Users receive automatic notification by email whenever a document / work order is forwarded or assigned to them thus allowing individuals to automate repetitive processes, easily follow up uncompleted tasks in the process and get an overall picture of the workflow along with performance metrics
With Cinnamon Document Management Cloud, users can instantly realize the benefits of a full-featured, enterprise-class document management system. There’s no need to invest in software or hardware. System activation is instant, setup is intuitive, and the scope of the solution can be scaled to support as few or as many users as your organization requires.
We propose to implement in your organization CINNAMON EDM and we assure you of the following benefits;
1. Low cost of entry
2. Zero infrastructure
3. Reduced overhead
4. Cost-effective scalability
5. Increased productivity
6. Maximum security

Work order parameters are fully customizable allowing you to define the different types of items tracked in the system including
External Documents – Invoices, proposals, quotations
Contracts, SLAs
And many more
Simply define whatever you want to track and Cinnamon Workflow will go with it all the way giving you comprehensive reports to help identify bottlenecks in your work processes